2017 Ripple dates: PIKE: May20th Lac St.Louis. Bass: Jun24th Lac St.Louis, Jul 22rd Richelieu, Aug26th St.Francis, Sept30th St.Louis. RUMBLE: Oct 7th St.Francis…Ripple Registrations starting in Feb 2017

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 About Fishin-Canada.net


The mission of Fishin-Canada.net is to create a community of anglers to share stories, exchange information, and together become more successful out on the water. Although our main focus is Bass, many of us fish throughout the year for pike, walleye, and several other species.

Members & Events

The site is driven by input from anglers of all skill levels, from the earliest beginners to the most advanced pros. Everyone is welcomed as each of us knows there is always something new and exciting to learn.

We highly encourage our members to organize their own events and Fishin-Canada will be happy to assist those people in making a plan become reality.

Our Pro’s form an integral part of Fishin-Canada by writing articles and frequently responding to questions in our forums. We will also report on their progress throughout the year in the various tournaments in which they participate. We truly value the knowledge and experience they bring to the site and their enthusiasm for Fishin-Canada.net’s success.

Sponsors & Advertising

We have worked closely with our sponsors to bring fishin-Canada members Exclusive promotions that they won’t get anywhere else. Our sponsors will frequently post in the ‘Hot Deals’ forum offering special deals to members. Please support our sponsors as they support the site. We are always looking for new sponsors who wish to be a part of Fishin-Canada.net

Contact Information

We are always open to new ideas and build on what has been created. Sponsor enquires, help, suggestions, or comments can be directed to the following email address: admin@fishin-canada.net


Mike Boudreau – owner  Fishin-Canada.net

Mike Boudreau - owner Fishin-Canada.net, co-founder Berkley B1Email: mike@fishin-canada.net

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bulletmike

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Bulletmike


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